Enable an inclusive digital experience for your business

Cost-effective: Flat fee for unlimited page views

Convenient: Simply copy-and-paste one line of code

Trusted: Used by over 61 million people with disability

Features your customers wish you've implemented years ago

accesshand offers dozens of new features that opens up new opportunities for your business in just a few clicks. Here's some:

Readability Features

Content scaling
Readability font

Highlight titles & links

Text magnifier
Font sizing, line weight & letter spacing

Text alignment


Epilepsy safe mode
Cognitive disability mode
ADHD friendly mode
Blindness mode
Visually impaired mode
Dyslexia friendly


Dark & Light contrast
High & Low saturation
High contrast
Text & Title color
Background color


Mute sounds

Stop animations

Reading guide

TTS Text-to-speech

Hide images

Highlight hover & focus

Keyboard navigation

Site language translation

Virtual keyboards

Big black & white cursors

Reading mask

Wikipedia search

accesshand is fully customizable and can easily adapt to match your branding

Accessibility is no longer a tradeoff between web design and usability. You can easily make AccessHand’s interface look like it belongs to your site with multiple, seamless customization options.


Change the widget's color


Change the widget's position


Customize the widget's size


Drag the widget anywhere

Benefits beyond enabling access

By enabling accesshand, you’re not only enabling a more inclusive experience to the disability community, you’ll also benefit from these:


ADA & WCAG Compliance

Become ADA and WCAG compliant in as little as 2 minutes. AccessHands do the heavy lifting for you behind the scenes.

Protected Against Lawsuits

Cases are on the rise against websites that are not disabled friendly. Be proactive and avoid issues early on.

Better Reach & SEO Rankings

Open up your business to new opportunities by enabling access to 61 million people with disabilities.

We support all major website creation platforms

With a single line of code, we automatically make your website easily accessible to people with disabilities, vision impairments, and senior citizens.

…and more

Simple and honest pricing

We offer the best and most competitive rates in the market. You’ll only need to pay per website. No commitments. Cancel anytime.

$49 USD

Less than the price of 2 pizzas

All features included
Unlimited page views per domain

Customize the widget as your own

Free accessibility statement

No coding experience needed

Become ADA & WCAG compliant

$490 USD

Pay yearly and get 2 months free

All features included

Unlimited page views per domain

Customize the widget as your own

Free accessibility statement

No coding experience needed

Become ADA & WCAG compliant

Frequently asked questions

Get your questions answered, or contact us directly. We also offer a free demo of our software.

Does accesshand offer full compliance?

Yes, we do. We help your business become ADA and WCAG compliant automatically by just installing one line of code to your website.

How much does it cost?

We offer a flat-rate fee of $49/month or $490/year when you subscribe today.

Can I use my credit card?

Absolutely. We also offer an easy-to-use dashboard so you can manage your billing information without having to contact us.

Can I use this on client projects? Do you offer volume discounts?

Yes! We also offer bulk pricing for agencies. The more websites are under your dashboard, the lower the pricing per website will become. Bulk discounts are offered for organizations with a minimum of 5 websites.

Will adding accesshand to my website affect its performance?

Yes, in a good way. We've tested our software enough to ensure that it won't affect page load speed, while enabling your website to cater to people with disabilities, people who are not native English speakers, and senior citizens.

If I make changes or updates to our website, will I have to do anything?

Short answer, no. accesshand will automatically track the changes and report back to you if there are any violations. However, do not fret, our software makes changes to minimize the work involved in adding new content to your website.

How does accesshand compete with other providers?

While we are a much newer, bootstrapped company, we pride ourselves on being independent. Meaning we are able to develop the software however we want and listen to our customers without having to worry about any investors whispering to our ears.

Hence why we're able to offer very competitive pricing to our software.

Does accesshand collect PII from my website visitors?

Not at all. Your customers, your data. Our software simply gets installed on your website to aid them with vision, language, and hearing tools.

Can accesshand provide an Accessibility Statement for our website?

Yes, and we do this completely free of charge for every person who signs up for a paid plan.